Flathead Shelter Friends

About Us

Our mission is to raise funds to help the Flathead County Animal Shelter provide better housing and care for cats and dogs while they await their loving and forever homes.

We always have ongoing projects that involve improvement of the actual shelter facility, such as adding and updating kennels for cats and dogs, and remodeling and sprucing up old existing areas of the Shelter. We also strive to keep equipment in good repair and replace as needed. The list goes on.

Funds are used to help educate the public through adoption, spay/neuter assistance and a "help" line whereby we hope to help people keep their loving pets or gain a new family member.

Outreach and Educational Program:

Through fundraisers we can support our community in outreach programs and by distributing educational and informative materials at events and functions in the valley.  Shelter animals visit local retailers monthly such as Petco and Petsmart.

Educational seminars are held at the Shelter and around the valley at different times of the year.  These seminars help make it possible for pet owners to keep their pets and allow them to stay in loving homes for a lifetime.  Training and informative classes are also held to help pet owners gain the knowledge and expertise they need to keep their animals safe and healthy.

Flathead Shelter Friends is staffed 100% by volunteers and all funds go directly to helping the animals at the Flathead County Animal Shelter. All fundraising events are staffed by hard-working, dedicated volunteers.